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An “erg” is a unit of energy. I measure everything I do in terms of “ergs” of energy, because we only have so many each day to go around. I’ve learned to save my ergs for the good stuff!! A very important lesson: how to say “NO”. NO! No, to the things you don’t want to do, can’t, or are too draining. Ergs are simply too precious to waste!!! You have to keep them in your “erg bank’, and only you get to be the erg bank teller. Take great care of your precious ergs and protect them. Being selfish with your ergs doesn’t make you a selfish person. It’s makes you a sensible and responsible patient. So don’t spend time with people or things that drain your ergs, and leave you ergless for what you enjoy.

Dole ergs out carefully, because cancer wears you down. For example, there are two things I want to do today –go for a nice walk with a friend in the morning, and have dinner with my family in the evening. Most people can do both, without giving it a second thought, because most people have an abundance of ergs. Low–erg people need to choose between the two. It’s one or the other, not both. It’s important to choose the one that will bring you the most joy. And, choose carefully you must. The one benefit of having cancer is that if you tell people you are “not up to doing something”; some people will understand and back off. However and because ergs are invisible, as are some cancers and other illnesses, the people who don’t get it may think you are just being lazy, not pushing yourself, or are depressed. The sad truth is that you may be better off without those people in your life. They hurt your self-esteem, and have no concept of what their own ergless life would be like. They would feel just like many patients do. They too would feel like a wet dishtowel much of the time, and would accomplish far less each day than they wanted to.

Erglessness also causes intense frustration between your mind and body, (what you WANT to do versus what you CAN do). You were probably able to do both before you became ill, and now you can’t. It’s a huge and difficult adjustment, perhaps the biggest one. It causes you to grieve over the person that you once were and no longer are, but hopefully will be again one day. It’s a particular frustration for type “A” people and others who are used to doing it all.

So, CHOICE is not only an important erg factor, it’s key. And, if I’m going to accomplish less, then I want my less to be the best less it can be!

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